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5 Honeymoon Hotel Rooms You Will Love

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5 Honeymoon Hotel Rooms You Will Love

When a bride and groom start planning their honeymoon, the first thing they think about is the destination.

Once the destination is decided on, the couple soon starts looking for the best hotels.

Every bride and groom look for a great hotel for their honeymoon trip. If the hotel is not as the bride and groom wished it would be, then their might be some inconveniece or annoyance.

Hotels are a big part of the honeymoon trip, as a honeymooner you want a great room and great service.

This is why we have 5 magnificent hotels that offer beautiful rooms you won't want to leave on your honeymoon:

Nihiwatu, Sumba, Indonesia: 

Isolated and hand-built villas in a Sumbanese style.


Sofitel Singapore:

Designed by Karl Lagerfeld and French interior designer Isabelle Miaja, these rooms are all about fashion and fun.


Anantara, Phuket, Thailand:

These rooms are all about relaxation and tranquility, the room has its own private pool for you to enjoy.


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Museum Hotel, Cappadocia, Turkey:

For a romantic room with a warm chimney, this hotel in Coppadocia is all about ancient art; it will take you back to the Roman times.


Como Maalifushi, Maldives:

You will feel so relaxed in this room with its simple decor and beach vibe.


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