5 Marriage Proposal Rules Every Groom Should Know About

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5 Marriage Proposal Rules Every Groom Should Know About

When it comes to planning the perfect marriage proposal there are a few rules you should know about!

If you are planning a marriage or wedding proposal think it through because it is more than a ring and roses.

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Here are some rules every man should follow while planning the perfect marriage proposal:

  • Splurge: If you want to go all out and give your loved one the surprise of her life, then get her that ring she has been dreaming of! No matter how un-materialistic she is, she will definitely appreciate how much you spent on that dazzling ring.
  • Ask Permission: The most awkward and most important conversation you’ll have in your life is the one you’ll have with your girlfriend’s parents especially her father! So prepare for the conversation and what you are planning to say to him to get his blessing before actually proposing.
  • Pick The Right Place and Time: Make sure you choose a special venue and good timing, think about whether or not she will want everyone staring at her, or would want a more private proposal.
  • Don’t Push A Lie: If you’re afraid your girlfriend will find out or get the hint that you’re planning something special, you might want her to believe that you’re not proposing in order to surprise her. But some men tend to overdo it and say things which might lead to big issues before they get a chance to propose, like “I’m not sure I believe in marriage” or “maybe when I’m 40”! Sentences like these will not do you any good, so just pretend you’re super busy with your work or having some issues with a friend or colleague or that you don’t have time for a proposal.
  • Prepare Your Words: Now that you’ve got everything under control, don’t forget to prepare what you’re going to say to the love of your life, you don’t want to be down on one knee, holding a ring, with nothing to say!
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