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12 Stunning Engagement Ring Style Trends

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12 Stunning Engagement Ring Style Trends

Are you ready to pop the question, or, are you shopping for wedding and engagement rings as a couple?

Either way, you will want to know all about the latest style trends. In the jewelry industry, styles change quickly. Every year sees something different, with new styles like vintage-inspired engagement rings making a comeback.

You may be looking for a more traditional or modern twist on some classic styles. The perfect ring is out there for you.

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Let’s take a closer look at some of the most stunning engagement ring style trends for this year.

White Gold Ring

White Gold

When it comes to engagement rings, white gold is one of the hottest trends. An alloy of yellow gold and silver metals forms white gold, which resembles diamonds in color.

One of the main advantages of white gold is its durability. Any gemstone will also look even more stunning when set in white gold, as it intensifies its color. Choosing white gold over platinum or other precious metals will save you a great deal of money.



Many couples are trying to keep their wedding budgets reasonable, especially after the economic disaster that accompanied the pandemic of 2020. For that reason, repurposing heirloom diamonds has become a vital style trend.

If you have a ring given to you by a family member, you can repurpose it to suit your style. If you aren't thrilled about the current setting, you can remove the gems and have them put into a more modern setting. This not only saves money but provides you the opportunity to honor the history of your family.



Engagement rings with gemstones will be among the most popular trends of 2022. The newest gemstone engagement ring collections feature emeralds, sapphires, and rubies.

It is possible to find sapphire engagement rings with colored sapphires from many renowned jewelers.

Bold brides looking for something more artistic usually prefer blue, peach, or white sapphires. Almost any color of gemstone can be customized with a matching band to make all your friends envious.

Double Banded Ring

Double Banded

Increasingly, couples are looking for alternatives to traditional solitaire rings. Engagement rings with double bands are a popular trend for 2022. Double band rings create a space between the bands where a center stone appears to float.

Cathedral Rings

Cathedral Setting

Known for its unique style, the cathedral setting mimics the classic archways of ancient cathedrals. With the arches, the stone appears much larger, as the arch adds considerable height and sophistication. Besides securing the center stone in place, the unique design also accentuates it, enhancing its grandeur and elegance. Those who are looking for an eye-catching vintage-style ring that compliments any cut of the diamond should consider this trend.

Pear Shaped Ring


The pear shape of gemstones gives a ring a sophisticated and feminine appearance. It is not surprising that they are among the top jewelry trends in 2022. Pear-cut diamonds epitomize elegance and style. The unique shape of these diamonds represents tears of joy, making your fingers appear more slender and elongated. Diamond pear-shaped rings are versatile, and you can wear them either way.

Pave Ring

Great Pave

Pave engagement rings are the best option for maximum sparkle. Diamonds cover the entire band of the ring in this latest trend. The setting looks like a continuous diamond surface. These rings can have pave settings all around the band or only on the upper side.

It is common for diamonds to be so small that they resemble one large shiny surface with a single diamond in the center. Brides who are not afraid to shine can benefit from their beauty. The luxurious beauty of pave engagement rings is breathtaking.

Colored Diamond

Colored Diamonds

A colored diamond may be a bit less traditional, but it will still sparkle just as much. Jewelry fashion has embraced such engagement rings in recent years. Mostly valued for their color distribution and intensity, colored diamonds come in many shapes and sizes. If you're seeking to express your individuality, diamonds in non-traditional colors are the best choice.

Rose Gold Ring

Rose Gold

There is no denying the fact that rose gold is back in fashion once again. It has the feeling of being both modern and vintage at the same time when it comes to rose gold engagement rings. Taking their roots from the earliest jewelry makers, these delicate rose-colored jewelry pieces are made of an alloy of gold and copper that gives them a particular coloring.

In 2022, this old trend is returning as one of the most influential trends of the year. With each passing year, rose gold is becoming increasingly popular. Rose gold engagement rings are unmatched in style and beauty.

Halo Ring


Halo settings encircling and accentuating the center gem are among the most luxurious settings. There is something glamorous and wealthy about this ring. It is very popular to use halo settings for engagement rings since they add sparkle and make the center diamond appear bigger.

There is no doubt that these dazzling rings will be one of the most popular trends in 2022. In modern halo engagement rings, milgrain and micro pave embellishments are often prominent. Alternatively, they can be viewed as more elaborate versions of traditional solitaires. Colored gemstones are often used as the centerpiece of halo rings, which come in all shapes and sizes.

bridal set

Bridal Sets

It is safe to say that a striking modern bridal set is one of the newest and most spectacular trends for 2022. Depending on the shape, the gold tone, and the center stone, a wide range of options are available. For girls who like variety, these types of bridal sets are the best option.

For couples that are on a budget, a bridal set could be the perfect compromise. Buying your rings separately can be more expensive than purchasing a matching set. You will also get a superior fit where the two rings complement each other perfectly.

Eternity Bands

Eternity Bands

At the moment, multiple bands with different designs are a significant jewelry trend. Adding this fashionable look to your bridal rings is entirely possible. Due to their original design and distinctive sparkle, eternity bridal rings are very trendy. You can match your engagement ring with an Eternity band to get some extra sparkle.


If you are starting your search for the perfect engagement ring, check out these jewelry trends to help you find the piece that fits your style.

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