The Best Tips for a Valentine's Day Marriage Proposal

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The Best Tips for a Valentine's Day Marriage Proposal

The most romantic day of the year is just around the corner, many couples choose valentine's day to get engaged or married on. Proposing to your loved one on valentine’s day is not only romantic, but your loved one will never forget this special day.

But if your planning on proposing to your loved one on valentine's day you will need more than just a romantic idea and a beautiful ring.

If you're feeling nervous about proposing on valentine's day we have some amazing tips that will help your plan go without a hitch.

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Here are some tips to help you propose to your loved one on valentine's day:

Tips to Follow

  • Show Off Your Talents:  Your partner fell in love with your personality and talents, so if you have a talent you can use to help you propose, why not use it? If you play a musical instrument, or good at making videos, you can certainly use them for your proposal. Just figure out how to use your talent and your partner will love the sweet gesture.
  • Go Through Memory Lane: Every couple has sweet memories together, whether its a first date memory, romantic venue, or any other detail, why not take your loved one down memory lane and take her to your favorite spot, where you share a special memory.
  • Picturesque Location: Location says it all, if you're planning on going all out, search for the most romantic location you can imagine. 

Marriage Proposal Ideas

To give you some marriage proposal inspiration, here are some ideas we have for you that suit every personality:

  • The Traditional One:

The First Meeting Place: Take your partner to the first place you met and show them how you still remember the first time you set your eyes on each other.

Dinner and Dessert: Take your loved one for a romantic dinner, and hide the ring in the dessert.

*TIP: For the traditional marriage proposal, make sure you get down on one knee; it’s a romantic, classic move.

  • The Creative One:

A Musical Proposal: Have a choir or band show up for a surprise performance of your fiancé-to-be's favorite love song.

Propose with Art: Arrange a surprise proposal with a caricature. Have the caricaturist sketch a picture of you two with word bubbles that say, "Will you marry me?”

  • The Fancy One:

Under The Sea: Ask the divers at an aquarium to put on a proposal show inside their biggest fish tank. Ask them to hold a sign that says, "Will you marry me?”, or take your partner snorkeling and while you’re both under the water pull out the sign!

Up In The Sky: Hire a skywriter to spell out your proposal for everyone around to see, or take your partner on a helicopter ride and propose while you’re up in the air.

Get Inspired by TV Shows

Check out these proposals from our favorite TV shows to give you some ideas.

Monica and Chandler (FRIENDS): Monica surprises Chandler by filling the house with candles. While proposing, they both start crying and our favorite part is when Monica says: “There’s a reason that girls don’t do this!” Then Chandler takes over.

Robin and Barney (How I Met Your Mother): After an elaborate plot, Robin falls into the “trap” that Barney’s been planning for weeks. We especially love how Barney finally gives Robin a note with “Hope She Says Yes” written on it, and then presents her with a beautiful ring.

Meredith and Derek (Grey’s Anatomy): We think this is one of the smartest proposals! Derek proposes to Meredith by using something they both have in common. He uses all the surgeries they’ve done together and puts them on the elevator walls.

Emma and Will (Glee): Now that’s a proposal! Glee teacher Will proposes to the love of his life by having the glee club kids perform a synchronized swim routine to Rihanna's "We Found Love."

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