5 Most Romantic Places in Goa for Love Birds

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5 Most Romantic Places in Goa for Love Birds

One of the best places for beach and sunset lovers in India is Goa. Who doesn't dream of going to Goa? Everyone loves Goa! All they want is a chance to visit the dreamy place. Goa is a place for everybody. It is like one cure for all the wounds on the soul. Goa is like a happy place. Whoever goes there, whether sad or depressed, comes back as a happy man! 

If you are searching for someplace to spend some incredible quality time with your lover, then goa is an amazing place. Instead of mountains and valleys, why don't you hit the beach and sea this time? Imagine sitting with your better half under the moonlight on a beach. Soothing sea waves coming and hitting the shore as you converse with your partner. Isn't this amazing? 

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If you find this amazing and you are thinking about going to Goa, then you should not miss the following places on your visit. 


Fontainhas is Goa's Latin Quarter located in the capital city of Goa - Panjim. This place is known for the breathtaking Goa's shoreline and the heritage colony that was established in this area. UNESCO declared Fontainhas as a heritage site in 1984. The colony was established in the 18th and 19th-century era by the Portuguese settlers. They painted the house in the colony with hues of yellow, red, and blues. The artistic doors and balconies will make you fall in love with this region. When you walk in the streets it will feel like you are living in a movie. This place is the best and you should visit this on your Goa honeymoon package.

Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Another mesmerizing and movie-like plot like the area is the Dudhsagar Falls on the border of Goa and Karnataka. As the name implies the view that you get there is also the same. The name perfectly defines the place. It would feel as if the stream of milk flows from the rocks. The view is so stunning that you wouldn't want to move away from that place. So if you are on your Goa honeymoon package, then take some time out to visit this breathtaking place. All your hard work and time you spent reaching this place would be worthwhile. 

Aguada Fort

Aguada Fort is another place that you should visit on your Goa package. It is a historic place and is announced as a protected Monument of the National Importance of Goa. It is a seventeenth century-old Portuguese Port with a lighthouse on the Sinquerim Beach in Candolim, Goa. While all these sound boring and old, it is a worthwhile place. The sea view is gorgeous when you stand at the top of the fort. It is the perfect place for the couple to spend some quality time. You could take long walks on the fort and gaze into the infinite sea while sitting on the top of the Aguada fort. 

Charao Island

The place on the list to visit on the Goa honeymoon package is Charao Island. Charao is an island situated alongside the Mandovi River near Ilhas in Goa. This is an island and you can visit this place by ferry. It is just 5 km away from the capital city of Goa - Panjim. Being located in the Western Ghats, the flora and fauna are too beautiful to notice. The amazing and varied flora and fauna is the reason why this is one of the beloved places of people and tourists visiting here. 

Chapora Fort

It is the last place on the list for people to visit who are on their honeymoon. But the list of amazing places in Goa continues. Chapora Fort is built on the land of Bardez in Goa. This fort was built by the Muslim ruler Adil Shah who was also known as Shahpura. This fort stands on the grounds from where the Chapora river enters into the mainland of India. The view of the Chapora river and the Arabian Sea makes it a great tourist place. It is a quiet and soothing place that radiates warm and positive vibes around the whole area. 

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