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5 Reasons Why Vinegar is the Ultimate Cleaning Solution

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5 Reasons Why Vinegar is the Ultimate Cleaning Solution

The secret fix to most household messes was already in your kitchen cupboard.

Kitchen Surfaces and UtensilsVinegar has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that make it a good choice for cleaning in the kitchen. Mix equal parts white vinegar and water, then pour it into a spray bottle. Use it to clean and disinfect kitchen surfaces such as countertops and stainless-steel sinks and appliances. Just spray on and wipe off with a clean cloth. Be sure to use only nonabrasive cloths or sponges for wiping so you don’t scratch the surface. The cleaning solution also works on myriad other kitchen items, including pots, pans, cooking utensils and cutting boards.

Plumbing FixturesA natural cleaner that kills mold, mildew, and bacteria, vinegar is an effective alternative to pricey bathroom cleaners. It will remove mineral deposits from sinks and faucets, and it will also clean the bathtub, ceramic tile in the shower, shower doors, and even the toilet. Spray it on and rinse it off with water. Stubborn mold or stains may require a second dose. Use a squeegee on the shower door to avoid water spots, and turn on the bathroom fan or open a window to vent the vinegar smell.

Water Rings on WoodSet a cold drink on your wood furniture without using a coaster and you’ll leave a round reminder not to do it again. To remove it, dip a white cloth in a mixture of equal parts vinegar and vegetable oil, and rub out the stain, wiping with the grain. Then clean the area with a dry cloth to make the wood shine. You can also remove water rings from leather furniture by dabbing them with vinegar on a cloth.

Clogged ShowerheadThe tiny openings in a showerhead can get clogged over time from minerals such as calcium and magnesium that are in the water. If you don’t have a water softener, mineral deposits are even more likely to accumulate. To get your shower back to full power, fill a plastic bag with vinegar and place it over the showerhead, then tie the bag tight to the shower arm. Let it sit overnight. Remove the bag in the morning, rinse off the showerhead with water, then shower away. It’ll blast water like the day you bought it.

Dull SilverVinegar can bring back the shine to dull silver, including jewelry, vases, ornaments, and silverware. Let the silver soak in a mixture of vinegar and a tablespoon or two of baking soda. Keep your items in the mixture for about 15 minutes, then rinse them under warm water and polish dry with a soft cloth. If an item is too large to soak in the mixture, rub the solution on the silver and let it sit for 15 minutes or so, then rinse and polish.

Source: House Beautiful