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5 Ways to Stay Disconnected on Your Honeymoon

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5 Ways to Stay Disconnected on Your Honeymoon

Every couple needs to enjoy their honeymoon and their time together, but sometimes your mobile phones may get in the way.

You need to try and unplug on your honeymoon and disconnect from work as much as possible.

You may stay connected to some friends and family, but make sure your work, or any other function does not interrupt your quality time with your spouse on your honeymoon.

So once you get on that plane and take off, you’ll need to figure out how to disconnect from work. Here are 5 things you need to consider:

  1. If the idea of not checking your work e-mail on your honeymoon freaks you out, agree with your spouse on an acceptable time to quickly go through your inbox, say 20 minutes a day or so.  This should be sufficient time to forward urgent e-mails, flag some for action on your return and delete others.
  2. If you only want to check important e-mails on your honeymoon, say from your CEO, an important client or for flight confirmation, create a new e-mail and forward these e-mails to it. Then only check this new e-mail account on your honeymoon.
  3. Set up an ‘out-of-office’ automatic reply providing an e-mail address of a colleague or a phone number for urgent matters.
  4. Leave your work phone and work laptop behind.
  5. Turn off notifications on your smart phone.

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