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The 6 Most Popular Chocolate Boutiques in Riyadh

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The 6 Most Popular Chocolate Boutiques in Riyadh

Saudi brides are known for their unique and luxurious taste, especially when it comes to weddings and everything related to celebrations.

When it comes to chocolates which are a very important item at weddings in Saudi Arabia, brides like to customize their wedding chocolates to match their wedding theme and style and give their wedding guests unique treats.

If you're getting married in Riyadh, then you're in luck, as Riyadh offers so many beautiful chocolate stores that can provide you with unique chocolates and sweets. 

Here are some of the most popular chocolate boutiques in Riyadh to check out!


Dolchi Chocolatier

Located on Abdullah Al Hamdan Street, this unique chocolatier offers a wide range of customized chocolates and macaroons.They also offer unique flavors with an Arabian twist.

Aani and Dani

Established in 1998 this chocolate boutique is famous for their Belgian chocolates. They use the finest ingredients to create unique and delicious treats for your weddings and events. Choose from an endless list of flavors such as Oreo, velvet, cookies, carrot and cinnamon, caramel and so much more.


Patchi has more than 13 branches in Riyadh, and they are one of the most popular chocolate brands in the Middle East. Choose your customized chocolate wrapping, and the team at Patchi will definitely create a unique arrangement of chocolates for your wedding.


This unique chocolate boutique is popular for its customized "name" chocolates, as you can choose to add your name and your husband's name to their different-shaped chocolates. You can choose to have the chocolates displayed in trays or individually wrapped in mini boxes to serve as wedding favors to your guests.

Artisan Du Chocolat

This trendy chocolatier has 2 branches in Riyadh, the boutique was open in 2015 in Riyadh, releasing 5 exceptional chocolates: dark, milk, milk and cashew, milk and guava, dark and scorpion pepper.


Blessing has many branches in Lebanon, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Oman. Blessing offers prime quality chocolates combined with unique fillings.  Choose your wedding party favors and wedding decorated chocolates and sweets from Blessing to suit your big day.


Meneur means the leader in French, not just a chocolate shop but a team and an integrated entity that always seeks to provide the best recipes, ideas and experiences that make your event an unforgettable event.

Today, Meneur has become a landmark and a major destination for chocolate lovers by adding on many occasions the luxury and flavor. Meneur has the best international chefs in addition to importing the finest Swiss and French materials. 

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