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6 Tips to Help You Attend a Wedding After Having a Baby

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6 Tips to Help You Attend a Wedding After Having a Baby

We are always seeing celebrities on social media getting back in shape and back to their normal life right after giving birth.

For instance, Blake Lively, recently attended her best friend's wedding just 2 days after giving birth to her second baby!

Seems too unrealistic? We thought so too, but after doing some research we found out exactly how celebrities prepare themselves for their public appearance shortly after giving birth.

Don't miss out on your best friend's wedding because you just gave birth! Here are some tips to help you feel more comfortable and prepared:

  1. Wear Black: Not only is black slimming, but it will also make you feel more comfortable and confident.
  2. Say Yes to Maternity Dresses: No need to push yourself into wearing a tight evening dress, instead choose an elegant maternity dress, and you can pull off a maternity dress up to 2 months after giving birth, until you get your body back on track.
  3. You Will Probably Have to Pump: A quick escape to the bathroom so you can pump will probably be unavoidable. 
  4. Wear Nursing Pads: To avoid any leakage from your breasts and ruining your night, make sure you are prepared with nursing pads.
  5. Wear a Pad: It comes without saying that you will need to wear comfortable undergarments and a good quality pad to avoid any embarrassing situations.
  6. You Don't Have to Wear Heels: If you don't feel like wearing heels, then don't worry about it, a pair of elegant flats will do the trick.