Arab Instagram Accounts to Follow to Help You Stay Fit and Lose Weight

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Arab Instagram Accounts to Follow to Help You Stay Fit and Lose Weight

Every bride wants to stay fit or lose some weight before her wedding.

But weight loss and a healthy lifestyle always need motivation! To stay motivated, you can follow some cool Instagram accounts of health fanatics who can help you stay motivated through the tips they share, the latest health crazes and images. 

To help you stay motivated we have some very interesting Instagram accounts that we advise you to follow.

Here are some of the most interesting and helpful Instagram accounts in the Middle East:

Nathalie Basma: @natbasma


Dubai-based nutritionist Nathalie Basma is one of the most popular health experts in the Middle East, not only is she a nutritionist and dietician, but she is also a successful life coach.

Halah Alhamrani: @flagboxing


Saudi health expert Halah Alhamrani's Instagram account is all about boxing, kickboxing, calisthenics, crossfit, and movement. Take a look. 

Rawan Zahran: @rzhealth


A TRX Saudi trainer, who is all about motivating women to lose extra weight after she suffered from weight gain following the birth of her child.

Megan Joy:


 Based in Kuwait, Megan is all about functional fitness Yoga, calisthenics, and crossfit.

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