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Arabic Songs for Your First Dance, Cake Cutting & More

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أجمل الأغاني العربية للزفة والرقصة الأولى وتقطيع الكيكة

Songs, entertainment and music add a distinctive element to all celebrations, particularly, weddings, and more so Arab weddings. Music plays an important role in any wedding; it can either make or break a wedding! 

Couples, soon to get married, look forward to their First Dance together and pay special attention to selecting the right song for that. Wedding guests as well anticipate this moment and cast their eyes on the dance floor to witness this important moment at any wedding. However, we have noticed recently that the songs chosen for this once-in-a-lifetime dance have become repetitive and do not reflect the personalities of the bride and groom. 

The task of choosing the right songs for the wedding is one of the most hectic tasks the bride and groom face. It requires a lot of research and listening to many tunes and songs, as well as, understanding the lyrics of the songs. You don't want to be dancing to the tunes of a romantic song if it's about a breakup or lost love! 

There are 3 important moments during a wedding reception that require specific music: The Zaffeh or the entrance into the wedding reception venue where the guests are gathered, the first dance and the cake cutting show. 

In this article "Arabic Songs Perfect For The First Dance" we suggested some Arabic songs that are perfect for the First Dance. Today, we decided to share more suggestions for songs that fit the 3 main moments of a wedding. All you have to do is click on the name of the song to listen to it:

Arabic zaffeh songs - fit for a grand wedding entrance:

Arabic songs for the Cake Cutting:

Arabic slow ​songs for the First Dance: 

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