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Beautiful Henna Designs For Arab and Indian Brides

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Beautiful Henna Designs For Arab and Indian Brides

In the Middle East it is a tradition for brides to have a henna night before her wedding day; henna has been in the Middle East and India for many years, and women use it to draw stunning patterns on their hands and feet, as well as dye their hair.

Arab and Indian women love henna because it is all natural and causes no harm. Henna is an all natural plant that is made into paste and used for skin, hair, fingernails, and more.

Brides traditionally get their palms done, especially in the Gulf region, but in other countries many brides choose a simple drawing to be placed on the ankle, shoulder, or sometimes neck.

Henna designs also differ from country to country and every bride can choose which style of henna design she wants to have for her big day.

Bridal henna is one of the most important designs a woman will decide on, and since there are so many different styles and patterns for henna, get to know the most popular ones.

Emirati Henna Designs: The United Arab Emirates like any other Gulf country is known for its beauty traditions and rituals. One of the famous beauty rituals is the beautiful henna designs that are drawn on brides' hands and feet. Emirati brides like to have intricate henna designs to accentuate their beauty.


Indian Henna Designs: Mehndi is Indian for “Henna”, which is very popular in the Arab region. Some brides like to have the name or initials of the groom applied in a hidden way through the design.


Saudi Henna Designs: In Saudi Arabia, one of the female relatives of the bride is the one who paints the bride’s hands with henna, but the relative has to be happily married or else she will bring bad luck to the bride!


Sudanese Henna Designs: Sudanese henna designs are known to be over the top and very intricate. The more detailed the henna pattern is the better.



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