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Beautiful Ideas for the Welcome Tables at Weddings

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Beautiful Ideas for the Welcome Tables at Weddings

Every country around the world has different wedding traditions, they even differ from area to area. And it is up to the bride and groom to choose which tradition they want to include in their wedding and pre wedding events.

When it comes to weddings in the Arab world, there are many common traditions such as the Zaffa (The bridal entrance), the wedding favors, and one of those traditions it the wedding table for your wedding guest filled with delicious treats and favors.

One of the wedding details or traditions in the Middle East and specially in the Gulf region is the welcome wedding table known as "Istekbal", or welcome tables.

These tables are usually placed outside of the wedding venue or wedding hall, usually at the entrance of the wedding hall. And brides are getting very creative when it comes to their wedding welcome tables.

The details on the wedding tables and the decorations can be whatever you want them to be, let your creativity flow and choose something that will suit your wedding theme and colors.

Your welcome wedding table should complete your wedding style and vibe and not clash with it. Make sure your welcome table compliments your wedding and prepares the wedding guests of what is waiting for them inside the wedding hall.

Some brides choose to have their place cards on their wedding tables, with some sweet treats, another idea is to have your wedding favors or even your guest book surrounded by delicious sweets or candy. There is no limit to how creative your welcome table can be, so feel free to bring new ideas and ask your wedding planner for some unique ideas as well.

Many brides in the GCC choose to have some perfumes and oud and even some bakhoor on their welcome tables, to pamper their wedding guests before entering the wedding.

Brides are always looking for the latest ideas and the most creative ways to decorate their welcome wedding tables, and this is why we chose some beautiful ideas and pictures to help you create your welcome wedding table.

To help you create the most beautiful welcome wedding tables, we bring you some great ideas, with different themese, colors, and details, take a look at these amazing welcome wedding tables and get inspired for your wedding.