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Beautiful Kaftans by Arab Fashion Designers

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Beautiful Kaftans by Arab Fashion Designers

Kaftans have become a very important piece in every Arab woman's closet, especially brides, Kaftans have become a popular look among Arab women and not only for Moroccan women and brides.

Many Arab celebrities choose to wear beautiful Kaftans for special occasions, and many Arab fashion designers are creating unique Kaftan collections to suit every woman and every bride, such as Selma Ben Omar, Dalal Al Malloh, Mohammed Ashi, and many others.

To help you find the perfect Kaftan whether for your engagement party or any special occasion, take a look at these beautiful Kaftans by famous fashion designers.

Moroccan Fashion Designer Salma Al Alami

Moroccan fashion designer Salma Al Alami is known for her beautiful Moroccan Kaftans.

Why not stand out on your special occasions with comfortable yet stylish Kaftans designed by Salma Al Alami?

The Moroccan Kaftans are traditional with a modern touch for the brides-to-be to wear on her 'melka' or 'hanna' night, as all eyes will be on the bride.

Whether you want a bright-colored Kaftan or neutral color with some metallic embellishments and embroidery, Salma Al Alami designed something for everyone.

Saudi Fashion Designer Mohammed Ashi

Saudi fashion designer Mohammed Ashi is behind the Lebanese-based brand Ashi Studio.

The collection will take your breath away with its unique designs and rich fabrics.

Mohammed Ashi created Kaftans that are fit for royalty; the designs are feminine, oriental, and very modest.

The dominant colors for Mohammed Ashi's Kaftan collection are black and white, but the Saudi designer also added touches of color by using embroidery and embellishments with gold, silver, and coral.

If you're a bride-to-be who wants to look elegant on your pre-wedding events, check out this wonderful Kaftan collection by Mohammed Ashi.

Saudi Designer Dalal Al Malloh

Saudi Fashion designer Dalal Al Malloh, owner of  Al Maha Designs, is specialized in designing adorable Kaftans.

If you're looking for a more colorful and fun look this season, then you will fall in love with the Kaftans designed by this talented Saudi fashion designer.

Dalal Al Malloh's Kaftans have a young and comfortable look to them, which is great for a bride who wants to be at the center of attention in those pre-wedding events and gatherings.

When it comes to Dalal Al Malloh's Kaftans, think of bright colors, mixed fabrics, and mixed prints.

Moroccan Fashion Designer Hasnaa Bin Issa

For the most beautiful glamorous and modest Kaftans, Moroccan fashion designer Hasnaa Isa knows what suits the Arab bride. Hasnaa mixes traditional Moroccan kaftans with khaliji styles and designs to create a collection that suits every bride.

Amal Al Mulla

Amal Al Mulla is a Ready-to-Wear label that focuses on bridging the gap between luxury clothing and contemporary fashion.  Her collection draws inspiration from time and movement and how our garments organically flow with our bodies and our emotions, diving into a sort of untethered freedom and the constant search for simplicity and balance in the now.

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