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Beautiful Oud Fragrances for the Arab Groom

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Beautiful Oud Fragrances for the Arab Groom

Most Arab men and women love the scent of Oud, for its smoky, and rich scent.

Oud has been used for centuries in the Middle East, it’s a perfect scent for any celebration.

Many brands these days are adding Oud scents to their ranges.

There are so many Oud fragrances out there that may make it difficult for you to decide which to choose from.

To make it easier on you and help you smell like a true gentleman on your wedding day, we picked some pretty interesting Oud fragrances, check them out:

Tom Ford Oud Wood


YSL M7 Oud Absolu


Acqua Di Parma Colonia Oud


John Varvatos Oud


Ermenegildo Zegna Indonesian Oud


Commes Des Garçons Wonderoud