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A Beautiful Rustic Chic Wedding Theme

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A Beautiful Rustic Chic Wedding Theme

One of the trendiest wedding themes that have become very popular is rustic chic weddings, and it looks like this beautiful wedding theme will stay strong for the next couple of years!

A rustic elegant wedding is a wedding style that combines elements of rustic charm with an overall sense of sophistication and elegance. It blends the natural and organic elements of a rustic theme with the refined and luxurious elements of an elegant wedding.

The rustic style reflects the historical period of the 19th century in the Old West represented by countryside, agricultural areas, and tree forests. A rustic chic wedding theme depends on the use of materials in abundance in that period, such as wood, iron, copper, and pottery. Carriage wheels and candlesticks are also commonly used.

A rustic-themed wedding is perfect for outdoor weddings and venues that have beautiful nature.

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In a rustic elegant wedding theme, you will often see a combination of rustic and romantic details, such as:

  • rustic chic wedding decor incorporates natural elements like wood, burlap, twine, and wildflowers, but with an elegant twist. For example, you might see beautifully arranged floral centerpieces, delicate lace accents, or gold and silver accents to add a touch of glamour.
  • The color palette commonly used in rustic elegant weddings is soft and neutral including shades of ivory, blush, pastels, and earthy tones. These colors create a romantic and refined atmosphere. For more rustic summer wedding colors click here!
  • The lighting is soft, warm lighting is often used to create a cozy and intimate ambiance. This can be achieved through the use of string lights, candles, lanterns, and fairy lights.
  • The tables are adorned with fine linens, vintage tableware, and elegant glassware. The combination of rustic elements like wooden table runners or natural textures with refined details adds to the overall rustic elegant aesthetic.

Here are some beautiful rustic chic ideas to give you some inspiration:

Rustic Refined Romance Wedding ThemeRustic Refined Romance Wedding Theme 1

A Rustic Refined Romance Wedding Theme

This special wedding photoshoot by The Wedding Haven took place at the awe-inspiring Jumeirah Zabeel Saray.

The undone wild and organic nature of the bouquets complemented the rustic ambiance excellently, whilst the use of pastels and fuchsia enhanced the air of romance.

Aged and gracefully crafted dark wood were added to clear, romantic, Cinderella-inspired chairs, the outcome oozing rustic chic.

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A Modern Day Rustic Wedding in LebanonA Modern Day Rustic Wedding in Lebanon 1

A Modern Day Rustic Wedding in Lebanon

Samia and Bassel had their dream wedding in Lebanon at the Seaside Arena in Beirut. The couple had a very beautiful and elegant wedding; it had a vintage and rustic feel to it with a modern touch. The roses were kept simple and classic in white and blush, while the candles gave the wedding venue a warm and romantic feel.

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Dolly and Aren's Rustic Wedding in JordanDolly and Aren's Rustic Wedding in Jordan 1

Dolly and Aren's Rustic Wedding in Jordan

Aren and Dolly celebrated their love with a romantic rustic-themed wedding in Jordan. This rustic chic wedding had a warm feeling of returning home and all the coziness that comes with it. 

The wedding theme had a relaxed atmosphere, wooden details, and a beautiful color palette of neutral colors with pops of red and white roses.

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A Rustic Themed Wedding in LebanonA Rustic Themed Wedding in Lebanon

A Rustic Themed Wedding in Lebanon

Elie and Desiree wanted a romantic and elegant rustic wedding so they had an elegant rustic wedding that complimented the wedding venue in Batroun perfectly.

The wedding venue was decorated with rustic and vintage details such as colored pampas and tufted grasses that added a soft and instant texture to the wedding centerpieces and even the wedding bouquet Desiree carried.

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A Charming Heritage Outdoor Wedding in LebanonA Charming Heritage Outdoor Wedding in Lebanon 1

A Charming Heritage Outdoor Wedding in Lebanon

Layla Jaafari and George Salloum celebrated their wedding in a beautiful old heritage hotel built in 1892 that oozes with the charm of earlier centuries and the grandeur of the past in Mount Lebanon.

Wildflower arrangements blending dry leaves with fresh greenery, wildflowers, and pampas grass strengthened the rustic elegant wedding decor of this whimsical wedding. The copper color used in abundance, vintage keys used with the seating cards, fairy lights, candles, neon signs... added charm and warmth to this beautiful Lebanese wedding. 

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