Beautiful Rustic Summer Wedding Colors

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Beautiful Rustic Wedding Colors for Summer

Planning your rustic wedding this summer? Then make sure to consider the most beautiful rustic wedding colors for summer. Imagine your wedding in yellow, blush, burgundy, lavender, dust blue, and teal - there are many beautiful rustic summer wedding colors that you will fall in love with.

And since summer is a popular wedding season, and most couples love having a summer wedding and it is a great season for all kinds of flowers, summer weddings usually have the most beautiful color combinations, some brides love the idea of bright-colored summer wedding bouquets while other go for a more natural or toned down bouquet color.

If you are getting married this summer, then you must already be planning your wedding theme, colors, and decor. Also, check out these outdoor wedding decorations that we love!

Below, you will find the perfect rustic wedding colors to choose from. Look for some great rustic wedding ideas for summer palettes and ideas from real weddings too.

We previously shared some ideas for a beautiful rustic chic wedding, now it's time to get some more color inspiration for summer.

Remember, when choosing your rustic colors for a wedding, consider the venue, your personal preferences, and how the colors will harmonize with the overall aesthetic of your wedding. It's also a good idea to create a mood board or consult with a wedding planner or designer to visualize and refine your color choices.

Take a look at these lovely wedding color ideas for your summer rustic wedding:

All White Rustic WeddingAll White Rustic Wedding Colors

All White

What we love about the color white, is that it can be suitable for all kinds of weddings whether a classic and elegant one or a romantic and rustic summer wedding.

We love this all-white rustic wedding that took place in Egypt. The wedding venue was covered in white florals with touches of earthy tones here and there. The wedding theme had a rustic charm and vibe to it, with a spark of elegance. The centerpieces were all about rustic details, while the modern Plexi chairs and mirrored tables added luxury and elegance to the wedding setup. Simple tree barks wrapped in baby breath flowers brought nature inside the venue and complimented the rustic wedding theme beautifully. 

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Pink Rustic WeddingPink Rustic Wedding Theme

Blush and Pink Hues

You can't go wrong with feminine wedding colors such as pink and blush, in all their shades! Add touches of white and some greenery, and you will have the most beautiful rustic summer wedding colors.

This special wedding photoshoot by The Wedding Haven took place at the awe-inspiring Jumeirah Zabeel Saray. The undone wild and organic nature of the bouquets complemented the rustic ambiance excellently, whilst the use of pastels and fuchsia enhanced the air with romance.

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Indian Rustic WeddingIndian Rustic Wedding Theme

Orange and Peach

For a stunning and fresh rustic color combination, we love these rustic wedding ideas for summer! 

Orange hues compliment wooden details, just like this Indian rustic wedding theme that took place in Dubai.

Zeba and Kabir’s rustic-themed wedding reception held on 19 December 2020 at W Hotel – The Palm, was an intimate celebration with close-knit family and friends. The beautiful decor oozing rustic charm created a magical atmosphere with green and orange florals, lanterns, candles, barrels, feathers, and sparkling fairy lights. 

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Rustic Wedding in LebanonRustic Wedding in Lebanon 1

Red and Green

Red and green are a perfect color combination of rustic wedding colors for summer, they are also warm colors that add a luxurious and elegant touch to any summer rustic wedding.

Like this beautiful rustic elegant wedding in Lebanon, the wedding setup was filled with beautiful wild and natural flowers, from white and red roses to beautiful greenery - the arrangements were kept as natural as possible.

Boho Rustic WeddingBoho Rustic Wedding

Earthy Tones

One of the most popular themes in recent years has been the earth-themed wedding, which has become even more popular after Princess Iman Bint Abdullah of Jordan's wedding. Princess Iman's wedding and her henna night were both in neutral colors and earthy tones. They were elegant and classy!

Nothing says rustic wedding colors more than earthy tones and natural colors inspired by nature itself. We are in love with this boho rustic wedding in Lebanon that has all the perfect rustic details.

Opt for a palette of soft neutrals like ivory, beige, and taupe. These colors evoke a classic, timeless feel and work well with natural elements such as wood and greenery.

This beautiful wedding had a boho feel to it which was reflected in all the details starting from the feather wedding dress to the church-dried herbs and peacock feather decoration. The boho tribal patterns can be found everywhere in this rustic wedding from the welcome drink tables to the platforms, giveaways, the wedding cake, and more. 

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blush and sage weddingblush and sage wedding colors

Blush and Sage

A rustic wedding with a color combination of blush and sage creates a dreamy and enchanting atmosphere that is both romantic and natural. Blush, with its soft and delicate tone, evokes a sense of elegance and femininity, while sage, a muted and earthy hue, brings a touch of serenity and tranquility to the overall aesthetic. When these two colors come together, they create a harmonious palette that perfectly complements the rustic theme.

Picture a charming outdoor venue adorned with lush greenery and delicate blush-colored blooms. Have your tables adorned in blush linens and sage-green runners, creating a beautiful contrast. Centerpieces feature an array of blush and cream flowers nestled amongst sage leaves and delicate sprigs of lavender. Vintage-inspired blush-colored glassware and sage-green napkins complete the table settings, adding a touch of old-world charm.

Images: Blush wedding in Lebanon!

Coral and Mint Wedding

Coral and Mint

A rustic wedding with a color combination of coral and mint brings a refreshing and vibrant twist to the traditional rustic theme. Coral, with its lively and energetic tone, adds a pop of color that exudes warmth and happiness, while mint, a cool and soothing hue, complements it beautifully with its soft and calming presence. Together, these colors create a captivating palette that infuses a sense of joy and natural beauty into the wedding ambiance.

Imagine an outdoor venue surrounded by picturesque countryside views, with coral blooms and lush greenery adorning every corner. For a rustic touch have centerpieces that feature a delightful mix of coral and mint flowers, including peonies, dahlias, and eucalyptus leaves, arranged in rustic mason jars or vintage-inspired vases. The place settings incorporate coral accents, such as coral-colored glassware or charming coral-themed place cards.

The fusion of coral's vibrant energy and mint's soothing charm infuses the celebration with a sense of joy and natural beauty. From the ceremony to the reception, the color scheme weaves seamlessly into the rustic theme, creating a visually stunning and unforgettable wedding experience for the couple and their loved ones.

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lavender and gray

Lavender and Gray

A rustic wedding with a color combination of lavender and gray brings an elegant and sophisticated touch to the rustic theme. Lavender, with its soft and soothing tone, evokes a sense of tranquility and romance, while gray adds a touch of sophistication and balance to the overall aesthetic. When these two colors are paired together, they create a harmonious palette that exudes understated elegance and timeless beauty.

Imagine your guests welcomed by tables dressed in gray linens, adorned with lavender centerpieces. Tall vases filled with lavender branches and sprigs of gray eucalyptus create an ethereal and whimsical ambiance, while smaller arrangements featuring lavender roses and delicate gray succulents add a touch of elegance to each table setting.

The softness of lavender harmonizes with the sophistication of gray, resulting in an elegant and timeless celebration that combines the beauty of nature with an elevated aesthetic.

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Yellow and Green wedding

Yellow and Green

A rustic wedding with a color combination of yellow and green captures the essence of nature's vibrant beauty and brings a lively and cheerful atmosphere to the celebration. Yellow, with its sunny and joyful hue, radiates positivity and warmth, while green represents the lushness of the outdoors and symbolizes growth and harmony. When these two colors are intertwined, they create a refreshing and organic palette that perfectly complements the rustic theme.

Centerpieces feature a delightful mix of yellow flowers, such as roses or marigolds, arranged in mason jars or vintage-inspired containers. Lush green garlands and leafy accents serve as table runners, adding an organic and rustic touch.

The infusion of yellow's energy and green's natural allure creates a captivating and inviting ambiance. 

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rusty pink and rusty blue

Dusty Blue and Dusty Rose

A rustic wedding with a color combination of dusty blue and dusty rose creates a dreamy and enchanting ambiance that perfectly blends rustic charm with a touch of softness and elegance. Dusty blue, with its muted and calming tone, evokes a sense of tranquility and serenity, while dusty rose adds a delicate and romantic touch. Together, these colors create a harmonious palette that exudes timeless beauty and rustic sophistication.

Imagine a countryside venue adorned with rustic wooden elements and natural greenery, enhanced by the soft hues of dusty blue and dusty rose.

The muted tones of dusty blue and dusty rose beautifully complement each other, creating a soft and enchanting atmosphere.

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