5 Popular Saudi Makeup Artists For Your Bridal Makeup

Getting married soon?Looking for a Beauty Center or a Makeup Artist?Let's help you find them.
5 Popular Saudi Makeup Artists For Your Bridal Makeup

Saudi women are becoming more and more talented in beauty and makeup applications and treatments, and are updating their amazing work on their social media channels regularly and instantly.

Many of them have become quite famous on Instagram, in particular, with hundreds of thousands of followers from around the region. 

The rise of these Instagram accounts, has made the life of Arab brides, specifically Saudi brides, a lot easier and more interesting, as they can now easily follow, find and identify the makeup artists that they could work with to create their wedding day look. 

If you're getting married in Saudi Arabia, then you must check out those makeup artists.

Waad Al Turki: Waad is one of the most popular Saudi makeup artists, she also gives makeup lessons and lectures for those who want to learn some makeup tricks. Follow Wadd on @waadmakeupartist

See more pictures of Waad Al Turki's work here!


Zainab Muabber:  Zainab is the owner of a beauty salon where she works her magic on her clients. Follow Zainab on @zainabmuabber2.


Hameez Binjabi: Hameez has done many Arab celebrities' makeup, such as Balqees Fathi and Waad. You can see her work on her Instagram account @hameezbinjabi.


Mona Al Nouman: Mona is one of the most followed and popular makeup artists in Jeddah. Check her out @monaalnouman.


Nora Bo Awadh: Nora has become popular in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia and definitely, around the region having over 1.7 million followers on Instagram! @nora1352.


If you know of other famous Saudi makeup artists, let us know below.