5 Spray Tanning Tips Before Your Wedding

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5 Spray Tanning Tips Before Your Wedding

If you are an Arab bride with fair skin who wants to be tanned on her wedding day, beware of fake tan! It is risky, and can go very wrong sometimes, but if done right, it will give you a beautiful healthy glow.

We previously shared some tips and advice when it comes to fake tanning before your wedding day.

Here they are:

Glow Like Your Favorite Celebrity in 3 Steps

Fake Tan Before Your Wedding

To make sure you look your best and glow like a superstar, we have some more fake tanning tips for you:

  • Do it 2 Days Before Your Wedding: 2 days before your wedding is perfect, you will have already washed off the first strong layer of tan, and it will have settled on your skin, and you will have time to fix it if you don’t like it.
  • Choose The Right Salon: Choose a place that has options and doesn't use the same shade for everyone, also find out what kind of spray-tan formula they use. Try to look for organic and natural products.
  • Bring Examples: The best way to convey the color you want to be to the person doing your spray tan is by mentioning a celebrity or bringing their picture with you.
  • Get Your Manicure BEFORE Your Tan: The manicurist will be exfoliating your feet and legs, which could lighten the color. Ask whoever is doing a spray tan gives you barrier cream to protect your manicure.
  • Keep it Intact: Avoid using any kind of face wash or acne wash or benzoyl peroxide, because they tend to lighten up the skin. Also don't exfoliate those two days.
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