Beautiful Bridal Makeup By Makeup Artist Samer Khouzami

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Beautiful Bridal Makeup By Makeup Artist Samer Khouzami

Lebanese makeup artist Samer Khouzami is one of the best known makeup artists in the world and the Middle East.

Many celebrities chose Samer Khouzami to do their makeup for different occasions and red carpet appearances, such as, Nadine Al Rassi, Asala Nasri, and Hilda Khalife.

Samer Khouzami recently launched his collection of makeup brushes, as makeup brushes are the most important tools for people who love makeup.

Samer also has his own beauty salon in Beirut and works with a talented team of experts.

Known for his unique technique in countouring, Samer is always giving workshops to teach women how to do their makeup professionally.

Samer is also a favorite go to among brides, as they trust his talent and taste.

We chose some of the most beautiful bridal makeup looks by the talented Samer Khouzami:

Dark eyes and bright pink lips.

Nude lips and neutral eye makeup.

Dark somkey eyes and nude lips.

Matte Lips and simple eye makeup.

Soft makeup with bold eyeliner and light pink lips.

Classic eye makeup with dark lips.

Simple eye makeup with bold purple lips.

Cat eye eyeliner and dark purple lips.

Reminder: Dark eye makeup should always be paired with soft pink or nude lipstick.

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