Hair Removal Options for Our Bride-to-be

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Hair Removal Options for Our Bride-to-be

Hair-free = Carefree…

 As logic states, we’re sure you are opting for a hair-free wedding day. Sure, all women are opting for hair-free skin for a lifetime, but let’s focus on the best options for you as a bride on your wedding day… for now.


When thinking of hair removal options for your wedding, the options can be quite confusing at times. First and foremost, keep in mind that every individual’s skin is different. What might have worked for your best friend or sister, might not work for you. Just be sure to listen to your skin and choose what best suits it.


 1.    Waxing, or Sukkar: If you’re choosing this method, and want to do it at home, make sure that you’ve done it before. Do not make your wedding the time for experiments, as we advise you to leave this one to the experts. Schedule this for three to four days before the big day, and ask how many weeks before your hair is expected to grow back.

2.    Laser hair removal: This option is definitely the most expensive one, but it is definitely considered great! Laser can actually get rid of your unwanted hair forever, or at least for a very long period of time. Of course to get rid of hair forever, you will need to take several treatments, and start quite a few months before your wedding.

3.    Shaving: The pros and cons of shaving seem to be almost equal and it is completely your choice if you want to choose this method or not. Shaving can be convenient, cheaper and easier, (not leaving out the fact that it’s pain-free as well as hair-free) just make sure that you use an appropriate shaving gel and a good razor to avoid razor burns and irritation on your wedding day and the honeymoon.



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