Stunning Bridal Makeup Looks by Samira Olfat

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Stunning Bridal Makeup Looks by Samira Olfat

Makeup artist Samira Olfat has been in the feild for over 12 years.

Samira Olfat has worked on many international A List celebrities including Eva Longoria, Nicole Scherzinger, Kendal Jenner, and Allison Harward, as well as, Arabic celebrities such as Mais Hamdan, Asala, and Jessica Kahawaty.


Samira also works with many members of the UAE royal family.

Samira Olfat is the Max Factor’s Regional Makeup Artist, she is also the Managing Partner of Attitude, one of the UAE’s top fashion and media production companies.

Here are some beautiful makeup looks that are bridal approved by Samira Olfat:




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