The Best Tips To Choosing The Right Wedding Dress For You

The Best Tips To Choosing The Right Wedding Dress For You

Once a bride to be gets engaged she starts dreaming of her wedding dress, and she starts browsing through different wedding styles and the latest wedding dress collections and trends. Although their are so many stunning wedding dresses that you will fall in love with, unfrotunately not all of them will suit you. But you shouldn't worry because the perfect wedding dress is the one that looks good on you and the one that flatters your figure.

Brides to be always try to exercise more and eat healthier before their wedding day to find a wedding dress that will look good on them, even though that is a good thing, but don't forget that your body shape is not related to how skinny or curvy you are, each bride has a different body shape and should consider that when trying on different wedding dresses.

We all have body parts we hate, some want longer legs, others want a flat tummy, but why not focus on the things we do like? Whether for example it is your toned shoulders, or your beautiful curves, or any other body part that you love about yourself.

So, how do you find the best wedding dress for your body type? Before you go shopping for your wedding dress, try to find out which silhouette suits your body type and figure more, and the style that emphasizes the body parts you love most, whether you are petite, pluse size, hourglass, apple shaped, there is a wedding dress that will suit you perfectly.


Another tip that we should give you as a bride to be, is that you can be a mix of body types and have more than one feature in your body that gounder the general body types, for example you may be petite and busty, or have wide hips but a flat tummy, so basically no body is the same.

This guide will help you with everything you need to find your dream wedding dress. All body types are beautiful so work with what suits your shape.

If you are not quite sure what wedding dress suits, we will offer you some amazing advice, but the consultants at your bridal shop should know what suits you and can offer you great advice.

Petite Brides: Small frame and short

  1. If you are a petite bride to be, try your best to find a wedding dress that doesn't overwhelm your small body, so maybe you should avoid a huge princess ball gown that will make you look even smaller than you already are.
  2. Choose a wedding dress that is more fitted and has lighter, airy, fabric, to help you show off your figure.
  3. A V neckline can always elongate your frame and make you look taller.
  4. Strapless gowns elongate the silhouette of petite brides, not to mention they are a classic and timeless cut.


Cruvy Brides: Voluptuous, full bust, and wide hips

  1. For curvy brides, you can either work on hiding some of the features you don't like or show off some of the features you like, for example an empire waistline will help add a lengthening effect to your figure,
  2. Sheath fabric is one of the best fabrics for a curvy figure, it is light and will not make your figure look bigger.
  3. Don't forget wedding dress with a medium length train is always flattering.
  4. For the bolder bride, a dark colored sash or beaded belt will help your waistline look smaller. 
  5. Stay away from wedding dresses with big stones or beading and choose wedding dresses with smaller beads and lighter details.


Hourglass Figure Brides: Bigger bust and hips with smaller waist

  1. The most flattering style for an hourglass figure is a basque waistline or a low waistline dress, it helps show off your small waist and beautiful curves.
  2. If you want to show off your figure then an elegant and timeless mermaid wedding dress is for you, it will hug your body in the right places and show emphasize your waist.
  3. Halter tops, V necks, and sweetheart necks are a great choice for brides with an hourglass figure.


Busty Brides: 

  1. An elegant square neckline is always flattering for bride with a bigger bust, it helps with support and will not be too revealing.
  2. If you are planning on wearing a strapless wedding dress, make sure it has a straight cut and not a heart shaped cut.
  3. Illusion or sheer necklines and straps are a great way to give you support without concealing too much skin.
  4. Off the shoulder wedding dresses are also a flattering design for brides with a big bust, they will make your body look more feminine and delicate.


Brides with Wide Hips:

  1. A wedding dress with diagonal draping will make a bride with wide hips also known as pear shaped body look slimmer.
  2. A-line wedding dresses are perfect for brides with wide hips or pear shaped bodies, as they cover the wide hips and make them look thinner.
  3. Challenge your inner goddess and wear a Grecian inspired gown with empire waist and flowy skirt.


Straight or Athletic Bride: Straight body with undefined waist

  1. Empire wedding dresses compliment the figure of a straight or athletic body type they are also a flattering choice for the pear or hourglass shaped bride.
  2. If you want to add some volume to your body a princess ball gown will make you look a bit curvier.
  3. Drop waists are always a flattering choice for brides with a straight or athletic figure.


Every bride needs to know her body type and what suits her body shape more, once you get to know your body shape it will be easier for you to find the perfect wedding dress.