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The Best Ways to Hide Dark Circles

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The Best Ways to Hide Dark Circles

Once the wedding date is set, a bride automatically starts thinking of a skin care regimen that will boost her skin’s natural beauty. Chances are, a bride also starts to worry about skin imperfections closer to the wedding.

And of course who wants dark circles on their wedding day or any other day? Dark circles are dark blemishes around the eyes caused by many different reasons, such as fatigue, sleep deprivation, or dehydration.

Though they can affect anyone, dark circles are most common in people who are elderly, have a genetic predisposition to this condition, have darker skin tones because they are more prone to hyperpigmentation around the eye area.

Take a look at this section on DIY beauty treatments for ideas on how to naturaly take care of your skin

We all have them these days when our eyes look tired and dull. If you suffer from dark circles under your eyes, we have some tips and tricks to help you cover them up.


Natural Eye Remedies

Natural Remedies

Cucumbers: Apply freshly cut chilled cucumbers under your eyes and relax for 20 minutes. Surprisingly, cucumbers have bleaching properties and can help get rid of dark circles.

Chilled Tea Bags: Soak tea bags in cold water and squeeze the water out, apply them on your eyes for 15 minutes.

Lemon Juice: Soak a cotton ball in some fresh lemon juice and massage the area for 10 minutes, try to massage 2-3 times a day for faster results.

Tomato Juice: Tomato juice is as good as lemon juice in getting rid of dark circles around your eyes, you can even mix some lemon and tomato juice together.

Nutrition: Eat foods that help reduce dark circles: Cabbage, Carrots, Tomatoes, and Spinach are all great choices.

Hydrate: Drink lots of water. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day to keep the skin smooth and glowing.

Potatoes: Potato juice has bleaching agents in it, so try to apply some potato or cucumber juice on the area around your eyes.

Almond Oil: Helps moisturize the skin and give it a glow. It also helps with delaying the aging process by fighting wrinkles and removing blemishes.

Vitamin C: Try a serum rich in vitamin C as it offers powerful antioxidant which fights free-radical damage caused by stress and can result in hyperpigmentation.

Here is the recipe for a Potatoes & Cucumber Facial Mask:

½ cucumber, peeled

1 medium uncooked potato, peeled

1 tablespoon lemon juice

½ tablespoon turmeric powder 


Peel and cut half a cucumber into circles 

Peel potato, cut into small pieces 

Squeeze a fresh lemon

Mix all ingredients together in a blender

Refrigerate mix for half an hour

Use a Q-tip or cotton ball to apply the mask around your eyes or other dark spots on your face. 

Apply under eyes or on dark circles

Leave for 10 to 15 minutes

Rinse off with warm water

Pat your face dry with a towel

Dark Circles

The Right Cover Up

For Soft Skin: Use a thick concealer to cover your dark circles, but make sure it’s not too white.

For Rough and Dry Skin: Moisturize your eye area, and use a concealer which is more liquid and creamy. Make sure not to add too many layers to make sure your concealer won’t create creases.

Highlight: After the concealer, use a highlighter inside the corner of your eyes to make them look brighter.

Choose a Warm Palette: Yellow or warm tones will counterbalance the blue of under eye circles. So go for a warm color correcting product in peach or apricot, choose a palette with warm shades of concealer.

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