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Best Wedding Dress Shops in Jeddah

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The Top 4 Wedding Dress Shops in Jeddah

Looking for your wedding dress is not an easy task, but it is always the top priority of every bride.

Brides usually set a budget and design for their wedding dress, and once they find the right place or shop the task gets easier than ever.

Saudi Arabia is famous for the variety and quantity of shops it has, especially in bridal fashion. Whether they are shops for local designers, famous international designers, or bridal brands, you can find every type of bridal fashion shop in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Many shops also offer the option of renting a wedding dress instead of buying it.

So dear brides-to-be, here are some of the best wedding dress shops in Jeddah:

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Al Jamila

Al Aroosa Al Jamilah Boutique

The shop is specialized in wedding and evening dresses it was established in 1994, specifically in Jeddah, Al-Khalidiyah district.

The store provides dresses at different prices, starting from medium to high, and has a variety of designs that suit all tastes.

Dar Al Hanouf

Dar Al Hanouf

You will not leave Dar Al Hanouf without finding your dream wedding dress, at Dar Al Hanouf  you will find custom made bridal couture dresses, demi-couture wedding dresses, and ready to wear wedding dresses.

Everything you are looking for you will find it at Dar Al Hanouf.


Demetrios Fashion - Jeddah


Demetrios offers not only a variety of bridal gowns, but also a good range of prices. If you have a certain budget for your wedding dress, Demetrios has a dress for you.

The shop is located in Jeddah Mall, its great staff are there to help brides try on their dresses and fix them, if needed. The shop also offers rooms for brides to try on their dresses, before finally deciding on their dream dress.

If a bride doesn't find anything she liked at the shop, she can order her dress through the Demetrios mail order catalogue.

Dar Fay

Dar Fay For Wedding and Couture Dresses

A boutique specializing in high-end wedding dresses that are specially designed for people with good taste. The shop also provides a luxurious collection of evening dresses.

The place consists of two floors, and it includes an elegant and unique collection of dresses that crown the bride on the night of her life with a luxurious look.

Ghadeer Abdulwasi Afaghani

Ghadeer Abdulwasi Afaghani - Al Hoor Fashion

Ghadeer Afghani is a Saudi fashion designer who was driven by her ambition and determination to open her project and be the owner of Al-Hour Boutique, the best dress boutique in Jeddah since 2005.

Ghadeer Afghani was born in the city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Her passion for fashion and fashion appeared in her early childhood, as she was creative in creating her brides’ costumes through the use of different types of models and fabrics.

Al-Hour Boutique, the finest dress boutique, is located in the north of Jeddah, next to the new Casablanca Hotel, specifically in the Al-Naim 3 district.

Gelin Boutique

Gelin Boutique

The boutique offers a unique and distinctive collection of wedding dresses, and is one of the favorite boutiques among brides in Jeddah.

The store is located in Jeddah, Al Hamra district.

Raheed Bride - Jeddah

Raheed Bride

Raheed is one of the most famous bridal shops in Saudi Arabia, it offers a wide variety of wedding dresses with luxurious fabrics and embellishments. The shop also offers it's clients help and dress trials to make sure the bride looks and feels her best on her wedding day. The name of the shop, which was opened in 1989, means "the soft silky touch". 

Raheed Bride has more than one branch, one of them is located in Jeddah Mall.

Tulle Style

Tulle Style

Don't look any further to find the perfect wedding dress, Tulle Style has all the wedding dress styles that suit every bride.

Find your dream wedding dress at Tulle Style.

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