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3 Top Food Trends to Try For Your Wedding

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3 Top Food Trends to Try For Your Wedding

More and more engaged couples are looking for new and creative food ideas for their weddings; they no longer want the traditional buffets and catering ideas for their wedding receptions.

Here are 3 new wedding food trends to consider on your big day:

  • A Brunch Wedding: If you didn’t know, daytime weddings are much cheaper than a wedding during dinnertime. So think of a luxurious breakfast menu for your guests, from delicious omelets, gourmet pancakes and fancy desserts. Read our article: "Pancake wedding cakes."

  • Fresh and Organic: People are becoming more aware of their health and their food, so farm fresh and organic foods are trending in weddings.

  • Fancy Comfort Foods: Who doesn’t love a delicious burger or some French fries? It doesn’t mean that you have to risk your wedding becoming more of a party than an elegant affair, couples are loving comfort food that are presented in innovative and elegant ways.