6 Tips to Help You Save Money on Your Wedding Cake

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6 Tips to Help You Save Money on Your Wedding Cake

Every bride wants a glamorous wedding cake that takes her wedding guests’ breaths away, but a wedding cake like this can cost you a lot.

Here is how you can get your dream wedding cake while saving some money:

  • Labor Work: Keep in mind that you don’t only pay for the cake itself, but also for the work, time, and effort that has gone into making it. Size and shape affect the cost but so does the time constructing the cake and working on its details. So choosing more simple designs that require less labor work will save you some money.


  • Fake a Large Cake: Create the effect of a larger cake by separating each layer of cake with thick, decorated non-cake layers, such as decorated Styrofoam, to turn your three-tier into a six-tier wedding cake.


  • Choose Classic Shapes: A round or square shaped cake can be cheaper than an elaborate shaped one.


  • Choose Classic and Standard Flavors: Vanilla or chocolate flavored cakes are usually cheaper than other special flavors.


  • Go Big: Choose bigger sugar flowers, as they make your cake look more expensive for less money, as smaller flowers cost more to make.  


  • Add Ribbons: Not only are they cheap and easy to apply, they will make your cake look very elegant too.