Flower-Filled Food at Your Wedding

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Flower-Filled Food at Your Wedding

Who said flowers are just for your bridal bouquet or centerpiece? The latest food craze we’re following is incorporating flowers into your buffet; whether through garnishing, or in the actual food itself.

Rose water and flower water are basic ingredients in many Arabic sweets and desserts.




So let’s start with rose petals; if you have a roses in your garden, that’s your best supply, as this could be the closest to organically grown roses.

  • Note: Roses that you buy at florists are treated with chemicals and fertilizers, so be sure not to use them.

Add rose petals to salads, sprinkle them on rice and use them to garnish your dessert, in popsicles or to make ice cream.

Other edible flowers that can be used in your menus are Lavender, Pansies, Violets, and Nasturtiums. So if you want to fill your wedding with flowers, ask your caterer for food options that include them in your favorite dishes.

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