The Latest 2018 Beverage Trends for Weddings

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The Latest 2018 Beverage Trends for Weddings

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming with all the little details from the flowers, entertainment, to choosing a menu, and picking your wedding drinks, it can all be confusing.

But if you keep up to date with the latest trends and pick the ones that suit your wedding and personality, you can have a very creative and unique event.

By the end of each year we get ready to spot the latest trends coming your way in the new year - and in 2018 you will not be disappointed!

When it comes to drinks at weddings, the options are endless, here are some of our favorite 2018 wedding drink ideas:

Craft Cocktails: Make room for drinks with some personality, craft cocktails with unique recipes and delicious ingredients will be a big trend in 2018.


Season Inspired Drinks: Couples are being influenced by the seasons when it comes to their wedding food and drinks. Think of apple cider drinks for Fall/Winter weddings and watermelon cocktails for a fresh drink in hot weather weddings.


Elaborate After Party Drinks: Once the wedding starts coming to an end, it is a very nice gesture to serve your guests some drinks; a signature drink that can be passed on the dance floor and around the tables is a great way to end the night. Some couples are presenting their guests with fresh juices, teas, or hot chocolate at the end of the wedding night.


Hot Drinks All Year Round: Many couples are choosing to serve hot drinks at their weddings no matter what the season is, a round of teas, herbal drinks, or even coffee, can make your guests feel at home.


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