The Sweet and Salty Food Trend

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The Sweet and Salty Food Trend

Whether it’s a wedding, engagement party or simply entertaining guests, impress them with one of the most intriguing new food trends that combines two conflicting flavors, sweet and salty.

This trend is appearing on buffets and menus around the world:  Salty Chocolate Cakes, Sea Salt Chocolate Truffles, Salted Caramel, and other sweet and salty snacks and desserts.

So next time you are shopping for chocolates or desserts or home baking, try out some sweet and salty flavors that will impress your guests with your up-to-date catering knowledge and trendy sense of  entertaining.

You can either have them in plates on each table, or make the waiters go around serving the guests, and another idea is to give them as wedding favors for your guests to savor at home.

And how about a salty chocolate wedding cake or cupcakes?

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