A Chit Chat with Arabia Weddings: Julie Leblan from My List

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A Chit Chat with Arabia Weddings: Julie Leblan from My List

Julie Leblan is a French national and the founder and CEO of My List, the first online multi-store gift registry in the region.

Customers can create online wish lists for all occasions including weddings, birthdays and new babies – or for special occasions like Eid or Christmas. The service is completely free for My Lists’ clients and boasts an impressive 48 partner stores, mostly in the UAE, and over 2,000 gifts. 

We asked Julie a few questions about wedding registries and My List - here is what she said:

  • What are the main points that couples should keep in mind when creating their Wedding Registry?

• We recommend creating your registry 4 to 6 months before the wedding.  This will give guests options for gifts for not just your wedding, but any other events such as engagement parties or showers.

• Fully assess what you and your fiancé already may have individually, and what items you require for your new home. Also think of questions like: How much entertaining will we do?  How big our dining table is and how many people can we accommodate? By doing this, you can start thinking about what you need for your new lives together.

• Think of every room in your new home and make a list of what items you require. It is easy to think of traditional items such as tableware, however, you will also require items such as vases, towels, electronic items and clocks for your new home.

• Provide a wide range of items for your guests to choose from. While some people would like to buy traditional wedding gifts, others prefer buying something different such as jewelry or leisure experiences.

  • Is there an appropriate price range a couple should stick with when it comes to choosing their registry items?

While you may find it rude or inappropriate to have expensive items on your wedding list, we believe it is important to provide a large price range in options for your guests. While some guests will prefer to select inexpensive items, other guests such as close friends and family members are looking for the perfect gift regardless of price to help you start your life together. Therefore, we recommend selecting items starting from AED 50 to AED 3,000 (or even above). ($15-$800)

AED 50 may seem really inexpensive for a wedding present but some people like to add a small item to an expensive present and to purchase more than one item.

Our advice is that the majority of the gifts you select should be in the range of AED 250 – AED 1,500 ($86-$408), (depending also on your culture & traditions). 

With MyList.ae, your guests can either purchase a specific gift or contribute towards the entire list (so they can stay within their budget).

  • Can family and friends use and send gifts to the newlyweds even if they don’t live in the same country?

Of course! Through MyList.ae customers can buy gifts from anywhere in the world and pay securely through our website using credit card or Paypal.

With our currency converter, guests can also compare prices in 21 currencies.

The good thing for guests is that they pay exactly the retail price as in store and have no shipping fees & hidden charges.

  • What are your best tips when it comes to creating a gift registry?

• Do not just shop online, it is important that you visit the stores and see how different items fit together. At MyList.ae we offer a personalized service where a member of our team will visit various stores with you and provide the assistance you may need.• Choose unique and bespoke items that cannot be found everywhere. It's nice to entertain with dishes or utensils that others may not have seen. At MyList.ae we have many interesting items that cannot be found in regular stores. These include customized monogrammed towels, bespoke suits and Arabic influenced tableware and decorations• If you do not require many items for your new home, consider other registry options such as a honeymoon registry where your guests can help contribute towards the perfect honeymoon.• Try to personalize your registry as much as possible. For example, if you like baking cakes, try to select some baking accessories and if your fiancé is a meat lover, select some steak knives.

  • What is the most appropriate way to let your guests know about your wedding gift registry?

Although in some places like the US, it is normal to include gift registry information as part of the wedding invitation; in many cultures this is considered taboo. There are various other ways for you to inform your guests. We suggest providing a link on your Wedding Website/Facebook page or asking a close friend or family member to provide the information to your guests.

  • How does a bride-to-be create a perfect wedding registry on MyList.ae?

A wedding registry is the ideal way to help build a bride’s new home and life together as a married couple.

The bride-to-be can create a wish list in 3 clicks only:

  1. She sets up an online Wedding and Honeymoon registry on www.mylist.ae.
  2. Bride and groom will select gifts online or in the partner stores and inform their guests living in the UAE and abroad.
  3. After the Wedding, the couple can relax and go shopping!
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