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A Chit Chat with Arabia Weddings: Kaftan Designer Sally

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A Chit Chat with Arabia Weddings: Kaftan Designer Sally

Check out what Moroccan kaftan designer Sally, also known as Salima, had to say to Arabia Weddings.

  • Tell us more about your start, how did you get into the Abaya/Kaftan design business?

Born to an architect father and a local well-known tailor grandfather, I inherited a skilled eye for design and artistry quite early on. I started cultivating my knowledge inside my grandfather’s atelier where I used to spend my free time helping him. After getting my degree, I was hired to oversee a multinational apparel manufactory where I continued learning fashion.

Designing Kaftans was always my passion. I used to design Moroccan Kaftans for myself and my family.

I became more obsessed specially after moving to the Unites States. I wanted to represent my country by introducing the Moroccan Kaftan design with its rich handmade work to the American citizens and bring it closer to the Arab community.

But now "Sally Kaftan Design" is not dedicated just to the US market, I have also customers and fans all over the world.

  • How would you describe your style of fashion and your designs?

Elegance and Simplicity. I do love styles that are simple but bring out the elegance and the beauty of the woman. I launched my “Sally Kaftan Design’’ brand to create an Orient-Occident inspired Handmade Moroccan Kaftan Dresses. It reveals the beauty of the Moroccan traditional handmade work rich in old fashion while mixing it with modern styles.

  • What materials, fabrics and colors did you use in the new collection?

My new collection is more focused on metallic and attractive colors using pure and noble materials such as silk, velour and French lace, embellished with the Swarovski crystal stones and the Moroccan handmade trims that add a dazzling and glamourous look. I have also opted for the slim cut that shows the beauty of the silhouette.

  • How can a woman choose the perfect Kaftan for her?

The main thing in my point of view is that the woman should first choose the right color that matches her skin, then the cut that follows her body shape. Every lady should choose a Kaftan that shows her beauty and gives her confidence.

  • Where can people buy your Abayas/Kaftans?

For now, you can order my kaftans  through  on my Facebook page. At the moment, there are negotiations with an important fashion online platform that are being finalized, so my customers will soon be able to buy my kaftans via those websites. It will be announced soon.

  • Do you prefer modern Abayas, classic Abayas or a blend of both?

I do love when it’s a blend of both classic and modern. It’s like in Moroccan cuisine when you cook and mix between sweet and savory flavors. The result is always so novel and unique.

  • Can a bride collaborate with you to design her own engagement or wedding dress?

Oh yes! I love designing for brides. It’s a great pleasure to be part of such an important event in someone’s life. I would love to contribute to her happiness.