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A Chit Chat with Egyptian Makeup Artist Zeina El Naggar

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A Chit Chat with Egyptian Makeup Artist Zeina El Naggar

Egyptian makeup artist Zeina El Naggar, has become one of the most popular makeup artists in Egypt, with more than 377K followers, Zeina has become not only a makeup artist but also a blogger and influencer.

Zeina fell in love with makeup since her childhood, and what made her fall in love with makeup was her mother, Zeina's mother was always very stylish and always did her own makeup.

When Zeina started her career she tried to work in the Cinema field but it was not easy for an 18-year-old girl to work in such a field, so she started doing makeup for different clients, as well as bridal makeup.

Zeina El Naggar has been in the makeup field for the past 16 years and has now become one of the most talented makeup artists out there.


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2. How does it feel working with celebrities, and which celebrity would you like to work with?

Working with celebrities has a unique taste and mood.

Celebrities are very familiar with all variant styles of makeup and they are brave to try new things and always keen to see themselves in different makeup perspectives by many makeup artists and this is the fun of this part as it puts me always in a challenging status trying to be creative and inventive.

I hope one day I can do the makeup of HM Queen Rania, as she is my role model.

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4. Any bridal makeup tips you would like to share with our readers?

1. Beauty should start from the inside, this is why you should:

  • Sleep Well
  • Drink lots of water
  • Take care of your skin

2. Always make sure your makeup look goes well with your dress and hairstyle.

3. When it comes to your bridal makeup, simple and basic is always a great choice for beautiful pictures that you will love years later. Choosing a trendy makeup look may look nice at the day however the trend will end and you may not love your pictures after a while.


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