Exercise Tips During Ramadan For The Bride

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Exercise Tips During Ramadan For The Bride

Planning a wedding can be tiring, and it can even be more tiring and stressful when you are fasting.

Not only does a bride-to-be have to plan an entire wedding, but she also has to keep track of her health, weight loss or weight maintenance program.

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But, here's the good news, planning a wedding during the holy month Ramadan need not be exhausting.

If you want to take advantage of the shorter working hours in Ramadan and lose some weight or become more fit, we have some great tips to make it easier on you.


Take a Walk

Walking is a great exercise to do during Ramadan, as it is also very relaxing and will keep you occupied for an hour.

Timing is Everything

The best time to workout or go for a walk during Ramadan is an hour before Iftar, so you can drink water soon after you're done.

Working Out After Iftar

We advise you to get over with your workout an hour before Iftar, but if the only time you have is after Iftar, make sure you don't get yourself too full as it might cause you a stomach ache, also make sure to drink lots of water.

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