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10 Strange Wedding Shoes

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10 Strange Wedding Shoes

A bride's look is never complete without the perfect shoes. Some brides seek comfort, some seek fashion, while others want both!
But have you ever thought of wearing offbeat and strange shoes? Well, some brides definitely have! Here are the 10 weirdest shoes a bride could wear on her big day:

We all know that UGG Boots are extremely popular and every woman in the world loves them! The UGG Boots wedding collection has been launched with the creators designing a bunch of UGG Boots that would go perfectly with any wedding dress and make you feel extremely comfortable.

This strange shoe sold by The Lovely Bride, has a 3-inch platform and believe it or not, is made for brides-to-be.

The Sissy wedding shoe by Benjamin Adams.

How about Origami shoes?

These hand-painted satin shoes are designed specifically so that a bride can wear “something blue” that's very special. By Etsy Seller Norakaren.

Anello & Davide, an 86-year-old British footwear company that has created kicks for Marilyn Monroe, the Beatles (remember the “Beatle Boot?”) and for Judy Garland, who wore their unforgettable, sparkling ruby slippers in The Wizard of Oz.

Alexander McQueen Resin and Leather Sandals .

Almost barefoot...

By Christian Louboutin.

A pair of bridal sneakers, and socks by Something Thine.