The Anna Georgina 2018 Wedding Dresses

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The Anna Georgina 2018 Wedding Dresses

Kobus Dippenaar, one of South Africa’s most loved and well-established fashion designers, best known for his couture evening and bridal gowns, has been making women even more beautiful for the last 30 years.

Born in Paarl in 1968, Kobus unwittingly launched himself into the world of fashion when he began designing high school dance dresses for classmates who couldn’t afford to buy them off the rack. His mother, who had been a Home Economics teacher before she married, sewed the dresses he designed.

After designing exclusively for the private, bespoke market, Kobus launched his Anna Georgina wedding gown range in 2012 as a made-to-measure service. A tribute to his mother, the collection grew out of Kobus’ desire to take haute couture fashion and make it accessible to every woman.

The Anna Georgina philosophy

Designed to speak to the self-possessed, cosmopolitan woman, the brand is rooted in two beliefs:

  • That haute couture design should be accessible to every woman, and
  • That each woman has a beauty that is uniquely her own.

With these beliefs in mind, Anna Georgina truly is an ode to every woman.

Hallmarks of the brand’s design

Anna Georgina is at once both powerfully feminine and undeniably sensual. The brand’s trademark is the interplay between juxtaposed opposites: masculinity and femininity, structure and fluidity, rich detail and striking minimalism. Deep necklines and backs plunge into bias-cut satin skirts and corseted bodices trail pearl buttons into layered skirts of lace, tulle and bejeweled satin. Illusion lace sleeves, lace tattoo elements, sparkling crystal pieces, hand embroidery, tiny belts and silk petals accent and soften bold lines. Vogue colours include ivory, blush, nude and champagne.