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The Bridal Collection of Chrystelle Atallah for 2016

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The Bridal Collection of Chrystelle Atallah for 2016

Lebanese fashion designer Chrystelle Atallah released her bridal collection for 2016.

Chrystelle Atallah joined ESMOD (Ecole Supérieure des Arts et Techniques de la Mode) at the age of 18, from which she graduated with high honors in both designing and pattern making. She then, matured her experience by working with several renowned fashion designers and different international brands.

Chrystelle ventured into successfully creating her own collections, only at the age of 23. She fulfilled her life's ambition by opening her own fashion house in Beirut where she currently showcases her creations. 

Her designs feature classic and feminine creations made up of fine materials, hand embroidery and delicate  material work making each piece unique and exceptional.

Her latest collection is all about royalty and luxury. If you're a bride who is dreaming of a princess-inspired wedding dress from a fairytale, then the Chrystelle Atallah's 2016 bridal collection is for you.

The wedding dresses feature luxurious fabrics and timeless designs for the bride who wants a glamorous look that will stay forever.




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