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Dazzling 2018 Engagement Dress Inspiration From Turkey

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Dazzling 2018 Engagement Dress Inspiration From Turkey

The opening day exclusive fashion show at the IF Wedding Fashion exhibition held in Izmir, Turkey was an all-out feast for the eyes for fashion lovers. The fashion show, which included the world famous “Victoria’s Secret Angel”, Maryna Linchuk, mesmerized the audience with evening gown designs of 2018.

Victoria’s Secret model, Maryna Linchuk who took to the runways in Turkey for the first time, bedazzeled viewers at the fashion show presented by the exclusive evening wear brand AlfaBeta as part of the 12th IF Wedding Fashion Izmir organized by Izmir Fair Services, Cultural and Art Affairs (İZFAŞ) and hosted by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.

The fashion show choreographed by Özner Evez featured 40 evening dresses designed exclusively for the event. The ‘AlfaBeta Spring Summer 18 Couture’ collection were displayed by 30 lovely models including; the Belarusian model and Victoria’s Secret angel, Maryna Linchuk, Ayşe Hatun Ünal who put her modeling career aside to enter the world of music, as well as the likes of Merve Büyüksaraç, Tuba Melis Türk and Ece Begüm Yücetan who made their appearances on the runway.


"I really enjoyed Izmir Linchuk who answered the questions of the press following the fashion show stated: “I have been to Turkey many times as a child. I had visited Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya and Marmaris. I especially liked the food in Turkey. Everyone was really friendly. I felt really good and happy during the fashion show. I felt like a Princess in these dresses. I really enjoyed the fashion show and Izmir.”

Following a long break she had given as a result of starting her career as a singer, Ayşe Hatun Önal made a return to the runway for the first time at the 12th IF Wedding Fashion Izmir, adding that wearing the dresses featured in the fashion show made her feel like a “princess”. “I love Izmir and the people of Izmir. Even though I am from Adana, my second home is not Istanbul, it is Izmir.” Önal added that the fashion show was very enjoyable, saying: “The collection is really beautiful. All of the pieces featured were beautiful. I wanted to wear all of them. Being on the same podium with Maryna Linchuk was also an enjoyable experience. She is very warm-hearted.”