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How to Reuse Your Mom’s Wedding Dress

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How to Reuse Your Mom’s Wedding Dress

Some brides feel that their mother’s wedding dress is very sentimental, and want to either re-wear it or use it in any other way at their wedding.

Here are a few ideas and tips on how to do so:

Fix and Modernize: If you are planning on wearing your mom’s wedding dress, you don’t have to wear it the exact same way she did. A good seamstress can help you change the dress into a more modern wedding dress that suits you.

Bouquet Wrap: Use some strips of fabric from your mother’s wedding dress or the beaded bodice to wrap it around your bouquet;  it will look stunning  and unique.

Use the Accessories: If the dress can’t be fixed or used in any way, perhaps the veil, tiara, or headpiece can still be reused and worn.

Decorate Your Guestbook or Wedding Album: You could also cover the front of your wedding album, or guestbook with some lace or flowers from your mom’s wedding dress.

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