Your Engagement Dress Inspired by Meghan Markle

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Your Engagement Dress Inspired by Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle is known for her simple and minimal style, and ever since she married Prince Harry and became the Duchess of Sussex, the world has its eyes on Meghan Markle. From fashion to beauty, she is followed by millions of fans.

Meghan Markle's fans love her simple style, no matter what the occasion is, Meghan always shines like star and manages to keep her look elegant and minimal. She loves to show her personality in the pieces she wears while still keeping things basic and elegant, you will never see Meghan Markle going over the top when it comes to fashion, she loves a timeless dress that shows off her beautiful figure and suits her personal style.

Every bride to be needs some ideas and inspiration when it comes to choosing the right engagement dress, if you are a fan of Meghan Markle's elegant style then you will love these dresses we have for you. From formal long dresses, to short and elegant dresses, there is something for every bride to be.

And since Meghan Markle is the bride of 2018, she has become the role model to many brides to be, as they follow her style in beauty and fashion, not to mention that her wedding dress will be a huge trend in 2019.

If you are a bride to be who is still looking for her engagement dress, we will help you get some inspiration from the beautiful Meghan Markle.

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle's short dresses or knee length dresses are a great inspiration if you are having a small and intimate engagement party or just a reception for your close friends and families.

Meghan Markle Fashion


If you are having a fancier engagement party, but still want a simple engagement dress, you will love these beautiful dresses worn by The Duchess of Sussex on very important ocassions.



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