Gorgeous Fall Bridal Makeup Looks

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Gorgeous Fall Bridal Makeup Looks

Now that brides getting married in the fall are planning their weddings, looking for their wedding dresses, and deciding on their bridal hair and bridal makeup, it is time for some bridal beauty inspiration.

Just like every wedding detail, from wedding decor to wedding flowers, your bridal makeup has to go with your wedding season. For brides getting married during the summer or spring, we usually prefer they go for lighter or pastel colors, maybe even bright fresh colors for their makeup looks. Check out: The Most Beautiful Summer Wedding Makeup Looks

But for fall or winter brides, they can go for darker shades in their lipsticks and even eyeshadows.

Although many brides don't necessarily follow makeup trends and prefer a more natural makeup look with earthy and neutral tones, it doesn't mean you can play with your lipstick colors or eyeliner to add a bold touch to your fall makeup.

Brides getting married during fall or winter should feel lucky because they don't have to worry about their makeup melting and sweating, and fall bridal makeup is so magical.

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Here are some beautiful bridal makeup looks that are perfect for fall.