Arab Bridal Makeup by Top Khaliji Makeup Artists

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Arab Bridal Makeup by Top Khaliji Makeup Artists

Even though we are seeing many bridal makeup and beauty trends, Arabic inspired makeup is always a popular choice and never goes out of style.

Arabic or Khaliji makeup is perfect for the bride who wants to emphasize her beauty, this is why many brides from the GCC love Arabian inspired makeup.

Many makeup artists from the GCC have become popular in the Middle East and their name is shining across Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

So if you love Khaliji makeup looks and want to look beautiful on your wedding day, we have some beautiful makeup looks by the top makeup artists in the GCC.



Saudi Makeup Artist Nora Bo Awadh

Saudi makeup artist Nora Bo Awadh has taken over social media with her beautiful makeup looks.

Makeup and beauty expert Nora Bo Awadh has taken the famous bold and over the top "Khaleeji" makeup and turned it into a simpler and more elegant style.

Nora Bo Awadh knows what Arab women like and want when it comes to makeup, and she sure knows how to create an Arabian or Khaleeji-inspired makeup with a modern twist.

Saudi Makeup Artist Lyan Al Tuwaijri

Many Saudi women are becoming more and more popular in the world of makeup and beauty.

Lyan Al Tuwaijri is one of those talented Saudi women who has become popular on Instagram due to her beautiful makeup pictures.

What makes Lyan stand out from the rest of the makeup artists in the industry, is that she always shares her reviews on makeup and beauty products, and her secret tips and steps to get the perfect makeup look.

Saudi Makeup Artist Fatima Bou Jbara

What makes Fatima so professional and talented is her love for painting and drawing in the first place, which helped her turn her love for makeup into art.

Fatima believes in emphasizing the bride's natural beauty and not cover her face with makeup and hide her features.

Her Instagram account @ftaame_makeup, Fatima has become one of the popular makeup artists in KSA.

Saudi Makeup Artist Waad Al Turki

Waad Al Turki is considered one of the top makeup artists in Saudi Arabia and specifically in Riyadh.

Her followers love to see her makeup creations and read her beauty advice; Waad Al Turki has become one of the most popular makeup artists in KSA.

Waad’s followers also love to read her reviews on makeup and beauty products as she shares her favorite products and her best makeup tips on her Instagram account as well.

Waad Al Turki also gives many makeup lectures and training courses for those who like to learn some makeup basics and tricks.

We chose some of Waad’s most beautiful makeup creations that are perfect for the Arab bride to give you some makeup ideas for your bridal look.

Saudi Makeup Artist Mounira Al Oweid

Saudi makeup artist Mounira Al Oweid is one of the most popular makeup and beauty experts in Saudi Arabia.

Mounira has gained huge popularity in Saudi Arabia, especially among brides.

Emirati Makeup Artist Hind Nourssine

Hind Nourssine is an Emirati makeup artist who has become very popular in the Middle East.

Hind Nourssine is a makeup artist and beauty expert and is based in Abu Dhabi.

She is known for her love of Arabic and Khaliji makeup, she loves to focus on the eyes and bring out the beauty in them.

Yara Alnamlah

Yara Alnamlah is a Saudi makeup artist who has more than one million followers on her Instagram account.

Yara is known for her simple yet unique makeup style perfect for the modest girl.

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