The Groom's List of Accessories for Formal Wear

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The Groom's List of Accessories for Formal Wear

Your wedding is probably the only day in your life in which you will put this much thought into your accessories.
Here is a list of all the accessories a groom can have on his wedding day, just to get you started:

Cufflinks: Yes, do wear cufflinks on your wedding day, no matter how small or unimportant you think they are, they can change your whole look.

Shirt Studs: Remember how gentlemen in the 20's and 30's, especially in black and white movies, looked so sharp? They used to wear shirt studs regularly. Make sure your shirt studs match the color and finishing of your cufflinks.

*Tip: Save yourself the hassle of finding matching cufflinks, shirt studs and vest buttons, by buying a dress set!

Bow tie: If you are not matching your bride's look, then your bow tie's fabric and color should match your tuxedo.

Windsor Tie (traditional tie): If you prefer not to wear a bowtie, and decide to go for the traditional long tie, pick a simple matching color and fabric. And please leave the goofy and funny prints for another day.

Cummerbund: For those of you who don't know what that means, it is the fabric belt that a groom wears under the tuxedo. Match the color and fabric with your other accessories.

Handkerchief: Your handkerchief or pocket square should match your cummerbund and tie.

Suspenders: How long has it been since you’ve ever heard of suspenders or even seen any? Believe it or not, many men look forward to wearing suspenders on their wedding day, as tuxedos don't have belt loops in them. Suspenders should always be simple.

Tuxedo Slippers: No, these are not slippers you wear in your bedroom. Tuxedo slippers are shoes especially made to be worn with a tuxedo, although nowadays grooms are wearing regular black shoes with their tuxedo, and some men are wearing these tuxedo slippers with more casual outfits!

Boutonnieres: This is an optional addition for your wedding look. But think about it, when will you get to go all out and wear a flower on the lapel of your jacket again? You can get a boutonniere from any florist, or simply ask your bride to make you one or get you one when she picks her bouquet.