Have Fun and Use Snapchat at Your Wedding

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Have Fun and Use Snapchat at Your Wedding

When it comes to social media, Snapchat is becoming more and more popular among the younger generation.

What is great about Snapchat is the ability to shoot videos and share pictures with friends.

Snapchat captures live moments which are directly shared and kept for 24 hours in your 'story'.

How can you use and include Snapchat in your wedding? We have some fun ideas and tips to help you out:

  • Build Momentum:

If you're a social butterfly and love sharing all your moments on social media, then why not give your guests a sneak peak of your wedding preparations on the wedding day?

You can ask someone to help you capture a virtual tour of the wedding venue, getting ready, your wedding favors, and other details you want to share with your wedding guests.

  • Hand it Over:

Hand your Snapchat to a trusted friend or relative who can capture all the moments of your wedding and post it, because no bride should stay on her phone during her wedding.

  • Share Your Feelings:

Share your feelings on the morning of your wedding by sending Snapchat videos with sweet messages to your family, friends, and groom.

Let your friend who was not able to attend your wedding that you are missing them with a sweet picture of video saying you wish they were here with you.

  • Send a Thank You Snap:

One fast way to send a thank you to all your friends and family is by sending a quick Snap sending a big Thanks.


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