The Best and Worst Foods to Eat on Your Wedding Day

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The Best and Worst Foods to Eat on Your Wedding Day

We are sure that no bride wants to feel bloated, sick or even hungry on her wedding day.
Do not starve yourself on your wedding. You need to eat a healthy breakfast and snack so you can have enough energy throughout the day.

What are the best and worst foods you can eat on your wedding day? Here is our list:

The Best Foods to Eat on Your Wedding Day:

  • Oatmeal: A bowl of oatmeal contains soluble fiber to slow the absorption of glucose from food in your stomach. This keeps your blood-sugar levels steady.
  • Salad: To prevent puffy eyes and feet, you can trick your body into letting go of excess liquid by munching on salad. Cucumber, lettuce and parsley are great to add to your salad.
  • Fruits: Melons, papaya, and mangoes are especially good because they also contain potassium, which helps regulate your body’s balance of fluids and minerals.

The Worst Foods to Eat on Your Wedding Day:

  • Caffeine: Don't overdose on caffeine just so you can have extra energy. It will give you the jitters which can activate your central nervous system to trigger sweat.
  • Artificial Sweetener: Artificial sweetener found in some diet drinks, gums and hard candies is difficult for your body to break down and can cause bloating and indigestion.
  • Soda: Carbonated drinks, such as sodas contain carbon dioxide that makes your stomach expand so you look and feel bloated.
  • Fatty Cheeses: Before you grab that piece of pizza for lunch think again. Fat and grease can exasperate nausea if you are nervous because they’re harder to digest than carbs or even lean protein.
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