How to Get Model Approved Posture For Your Wedding

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How to Get Model Approved Posture For Your Wedding

Every bride imagines her first entrance at her wedding and how all eyes will be on her during this special day.

To look like a super model on your wedding day, you will need more than perfect hair and makeup, you will need a perfect posture as well!

If you notice that you have a bad posture and want to correct the way you stand to make yourself look better and more confident, then there are some tips you can follow.

  • Be aware of the way you sit when you're working at your desk and computer, and try to sit up straight as much as possible.
  • Don't sleep on high pillows or a soft mattress, as it can affect your back.
  • While standing, lift your ears up and away from your shoulders, imagine yourself wearing beautiful earrings and try showing them off.
  • Streching can really help with your posture, and can help with your hunching shoulders.
  • Walk every 2 hours, if you're at your desk all day, make sure you take a 10 minute walk every two hours or so. 
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