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Kim Kardashian’s Flat Tummy Secret

Kim Kardashian’s Flat Tummy Secret

Every bride wants to have a flat tummy just like Kim Kardashian’s perfect fit tummy and body.

New bride and mom Kim Kardashian revealed her secret to a flat stomach.

The process includes waist training, which requires you to wear something like a corset.

Kim Kardashian shared a picture on Instagram that showed her wearing something that looks like a corset; it's a device called What's a Waist, which is advertised as being able to help women reduce their midsections up to 7 inches.

Kim Kardashian tweeted on August 5 2014 that she was having a hard time getting rid of the last 5 kilograms she has after giving birth to North West.

Her sister Khloe Kardashian is also a big fan of this product.

Would you give this slimming trend a try?