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What Every Bride Needs to Know About Detox

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 What Every Bride Needs to Know About Detox

If you’re planning on losing some weight and getting healthy before your wedding, a detox can help you a lot. If done right, a detox will make you feel and look healthier, and help you lose some weight before the wedding.

Here is what you should know before starting a detox:

  • Why Detox?

We live in a modern world with lots of conveniences and innovations. But the good living comes with a cost: pollution, harmful substances and toxic chemicals surrounding us and damage our bodies. Detoxing the body is not a luxury treatment anymore - it has become a necessity to stay healthy, especially when you are a bride-to-be. A detox session, minimum once a year, works like a re-boot for your metabolism. Imagine your metabolism like a big wood oven; you need to clean out the burned leftovers like the acid slag, in order that the next fire can work properly. Detoxing your body is not only a healthy kick start for a better feeling; it's also the most natural way to lose weight.

  • How to Detox?

People tend to change their eating habits at once and then can't keep up with the change. My advice: Start slowly and easy. Get used to new routines and they will become very natural. Start detoxing your body with a Green Smoothie every morning before you have your breakfast. The smoothie stimulates your metabolism, flushes out toxics and provides your body with all the needed elements for the day; minerals, vitamins, fatty acids.

  • Here is a simple recipe for a Green Smoothie à la Caroline

2 cups coconut water

1 cup baby spinach leaves

1 green apple

1 orange, peeled

2-3 mint leaves

1 hearty dash of lemon juice

Green smoothies are an awesome and simple way to start detoxing. For an advanced treatment always consult a professional coach.

Contributor: Caroline Bienert.

German-born practitioner Caroline Bienert, a qualified nutritional therapist and detoxification expert has been based in Munich, Germany until she moved to Dubai in October 2014. As an internationally acclaimed metabolism expert, Caroline has dedicated her work to health and holistic wellbeing for over 15 years working with clients from al over the world. Visit her website: or her Facebook page: