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What Your Eyes Can Tell You About Your Health

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What Your Eyes Can Tell You About Your Health

Every bride-to-be would like to look glowing and stunning on her wedding day, as soon as she gets engaged she starts setting a beauty countdown to her wedding day. If you are a bride-to-be getting married in 2015, make sure you register on Arabia Weddings and start using the Wedding Checklist. It will certainly make your life a lot easier.

The bridal look is the bride’s ultimate concern; your wedding gown, hairstyle and makeup are your top priority. Your eyes are the first thing you should start caring about, whether it’s the wrinkles around your eyes, the dark circles, or the puffiness, no bride wants an unhealthy look!

Your eyes can give clear signs on what issues you have inside your body, so here is how you can treat your eyes and know what’s wrong with your body all at the same time:

Blisters inside your eyes: Stress

If you suffer from sustained emotional stress, you may be at risk for Central Serous Retinopathy, also known as blisters! So go see an optometrist, who can prescribe treatment, and try to relax and not to stress.

Swelling in your eye’s blood vessels: High Blood Pressure

If your optometrist tells you that you have swelling in your eye's blood vessels or optic nerve, it might indicate a blood pressure problem. Don’t ignore it.

Dry and irritated eyes: Computer Vision Syndrome

If you have dry, irritated eyes, this can increase the risk of you becoming nearsighted. Seek medical advice.

Strokes or tumor: Shadows or swelling

If you notice swelling or shadows, that could suggest a serious problem, like clots, that could lead to a stroke or even a tumor. Make an appointment now.

Leaky blood vessels: Diabetes

Diabetes can eventually damage your vision, so if you experience leaky blood vessels in your eye, then you should check with your doctor soon.