Zumba for the Bride-to-Be

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Zumba for the Bride-to-be

Do you want to look your best at your wedding, but you are bored with the same old workouts? If are seeking a fun workout then Zumba Fitness is the perfect workout for you!

Zumba has been trending for a few years now. You can rarely find someone who tried it and has not enjoyed the experience.

If you are a bride to be who wants to stay fit or lose weight you can stay healthy with Zumba!

Zumba has made its way through to Arab cities where classes are being given in Beirut, Amman, Dubai, and other locations.

What to Know About Zumba

Here are a few facts on Zumba just so you can get a better idea of what it is all about:

  • Zumba is a fitness program inspired by Latin dance, Zumba meaning "to move fast and have fun," and it definitely measures up to its name!
  • Zumba is a mix of Latin dances such as merengue, salsa, cumbia, reggaeton, mambo, rumba, flamenco, alongside cardiovascular exercise and aerobics. Sometimes, even hip-hop and belly dancing get in the mix.
  • Joining a Zumba class is like joining a big dance party, the routines alternate between fast and slow rhythms with easy steps to follow.
  • The best thing about Zumba is that you don’t need to be a good dancer or have any skills to join. It will help you burn 400 to 700 calories per one-hour session without noticing that you are actually working out. 
  • As a bride-to-be, this will help you burn calories, sculpt and tone your body, relieve some stress, and will also help you learn some Latin dance moves for your wedding day. Could it get any better than this?

Benefits of Zumba

There are many benefits to Zumba here are some:

  • Weight loss.
  • Increased metabolic rate.
  • Get rid of depression.
  • Tighten muscles.
  • Stimulates blood circulation.
  • Skin regeneration.
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